Reading for meaning and pleasure

Once our children progress from the RWInc scheme, they move onto PM Benchmarking and choose from a selection of exciting titles within their stage. Assessments identify which colour band is appropriate for them and recorded in Reading Files. Finally, when children are ready to read without targeted support, they move onto being a ‘free reader’ and have access to a wide range of literature to enjoy both at home and in school.

Reading forms the cornerstone of the entire curriculum and whole class and small group reading sessions are very popular with our children where we link learning in English to other subjects, deepening that understanding, through carefully chosen texts.

We focus on comprehension, fluency and expression in these fun sessions using VIPERS :(Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explain, Retrieve, Summarise). This approach begins in Reception and children learn the different styles of questions that deepens their understanding and comprehension of the stories they are reading. Further information about VIPERS is on our How you can help at home page.

Our Reading Spine shows the diversity of texts being shared with our children and it continues to grow in diversity as new authors are explored and new texts are discovered by our staff.