How can you help at home?

Did You Know That…

  • reading reduces stress by 68%?
  • if you read for 20 minutes a day, you would read 1,800,000 words each year
  • children learn 4,000-12,000 words a year through reading?
  • if you read one book a day to your child, they will have heard 1850 books by the time they are 5?
  • when children have a home library of as little as 20 books, they achieve 3 more years of schooling than a child with no books.
The most important activity that you can do with your child is READ TO THEM! Anything goes in terms of literature whether it be a recipe, poem, short story, newspaper. Children love be read to, at any age, and exposes them to vocabulary that they may not to be able to decode themselves. 
Doing character voices, talking about the setting and enjoying the illustrations all contribute to their reading experience and fosters their growing love of literature.
 Top Tips!
  • Put books in the car for your child to read.
  • Visit Alnwick Library 
  • Have books displayed at home, in their bedroom
  • Let the children see you reading books at home
  • Ask older siblings to read to younger ones and vice versa
  • For older children, show them how a Kindle works and how to access books
 Please look below for more ideas and support on how to support reading at home. There is also a spelling activity sheet that is stuck in the front of your child's Homework Books to help with spelling ideas.