Aims and Ethos of Longhoughton CE Primary School


The Christian ethos of the school is reflected primarily in our daily life together; by the way in which we relate with each other, in providing a positive, caring, safe environment where everyone can fulfil their true potential. Whilst recognising and respecting the wide variety of beliefs held by our children and their parents, and their diverse backgrounds, our aim is help the children to form values which will give them a framework to make moral choices throughout their lives, not just during their school years. This framework is based on the core Christian values of reverence, wisdom, thoughtfulness, humility, endurance, service, compassion, trust, peace, forgiveness, friendship, justice and hope.

We aim to provide a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, based upon the National Curriculum that will take account of the widely differing skills and abilities of the children in our care, at all their various stages of development.


The aims of the school are:

  • To provide a rich and varied experience of learning which is enjoyable, rewarding, builds confidence; helps develop good working habits and incorporate opportunities to reflect.

  • To foster attitudes that are based on honesty, trust, forgiveness, tolerance, understanding and respect for others that develop from a sense of self worth.

  • To develop environmentally aware citizens who value and care for the world they live in by promoting conservation and recycling.

  • To develop lively, enquiring minds with the ability to question, investigate, solve problems and start to form the personal values that will help them make sense of the world in which they live and form positive social relationships.

  • To promote the continuous development of the children’s basic skills in Literacy and Mathematics throughout the school

  • To grow in their own faith and through that come to respect and understand other faiths and other ways of life.

  • To ensure a good start to children’s education.

  • To give support when children change schools to minimise their natural anxiety.