Design & technology Intent Statement & Progression Map

Design & technology Intent Statement

At Longhoughton CE Primary we aim to nurture children’s creative, innovative, and imaginative thinking through a broad range of inspiring, practical Design and Technology projects. Children will have opportunities to work both independently and collaboratively, to investigate, design and make products for a range of purposes and audiences. Children will spend time evaluating past and present examples of design and technology and develop an understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world. In turn, children will become more receptive and observant of their surroundings and we hope to inspire children to go on to design and make products to impact positively on future generations. This subject has strong links to Science, Art, and Mathematics and is embedded into the topic-based style of teaching throughout the school.

Children also have opportunities to participate in Let’s Get Cooking Club where they have access to the kitchen to prepare and cook dishes.