Our Approach to Reading

We all know that reading opens the door to all learning.

A child who reads a lot will become a good reader.

A good reader will be able to read challenging material.

A child who reads challenging material is a child who will learn.

The more a child learns the more a child wants to find out."


Our Christian Vision is that – Everyone is welcome.

This is founded in 1 Peter 4:10 – 11 “God has given each of you a gift from his great variety of gifts. Use them well to serve one another.”

Everyone who spends time learning and growing at Longhoughton is encouraged to reach their full potential with couragecompassion and creativity to make a difference in the future. We are respectful of God’s world, working together to create a loving and caring community.

Think, Learn, Love and Play

  •          Courage : being brave read out loud; to read challenging books; to write their own ideas and express their opinions about literature: reading out loud to parents in Class Worships
  •          Compassion : for the characters and themes within literature that cause us to think of how we feel and how others maybe feeling
  •          Creativity : to participate in discussions around literature, offering their own opinions; to write imaginatively through the form of prose and narrative
  •          Respectful: of how other people’s opinions about literature can be different to their own; 
  •          Community : how we can share our love of literature with our friends and family; how we can take part in reading events and competitions

 We expect every child to become a fluent reader by the time they leave Longhoughton CE Primary School. We strive to develop a passion for reading here at Longhoughton CE Primary School through the use of: exciting and varied reading material; engaging reading areas; taking pleasure from hearing stories; and enhancing this love through events such as World Book Days and Share a Story. We incentavise engagement with reading by rewarding children for regular home reading through use of raffle tickets and Wall of Fame certificates.  Each child has a Reading Record Book which parents sign to show that their child has read at home as we strongly believe in the value of regular home reading and its lasting impact. This provides a forum for communication between school and home in which questions can be responded to and successes shared.