WWI Letter Writing Competition

8th November 2018

In October Colin Buxton from the Western Front Association came into school to talk to Year 5 & Year 6 children about WWI. Following the presentation he outlined a letter writing competition that the children could enter. The children needed to imagine that they were a character living at the time of WWI – a soldier in the trenches, a family member back at home, a nurse tending to the wounded etc  then they needed to write a letter as if they were this person explaining to the reader their experiences in the war  and their feelings  about things.

The letters were then read by a team of volunteers from The Western Front Association and 3 children in each of the year groups received a prize for their letter.

Colin Buxton and Neil Brison came into school on Thursday 8th November to present the winners with a certificate and WWI themed book.

Imogen Bassett, Y5, said “I felt quite excited and I was really interested when Mr Buxton came to talk to us. I decided to be a lady whose house had been turned into a hospital. I wrote my letter to my husband in the trenches. I was shocked when my name was read out.”

Tilly Trelfall, Y6 said “I was interested and intrigued to learn about WWI. I was shocked and I didn’t really think it was me when my name was read out. I was a young person on a farm with my mum because my dad was in the trenches, I wrote my letter to him.”

Click on the documents below to read the winning letters.