New Playground Leaders

13th October 2023

17 children from year 5 and 6 took part in playground leader training with Hayden from ACTIVE Northumberland.

During the initial stages of the training the children learnt about how to be a good leader and had a great discussion about who they aspired to be as leaders as well as the qualities a leader should have. As a group they came up with the definition that a leader is “someone who can take control of a situation and lead the group forward”.

The aim of the session was to enable the group to become confident to plan, deliver and organise small group games to play with the younger children during lunchtimes to keep them active and engaged.

During the afternoon the children learnt how to use the equipment to set up games but also strategies to modify games due to the age of the children, size of the groups taking part but also agree a set of rules for each game so that everyone will be able to explain and deliver the games in the same way each d ay.

The children all worked really well as a team, showing flexibility, the ability to listen to each others ideas and demonstrated maturity throughout the afternoon.

The children are really looking forward to planning some games and getting into small teams to deliver these over the next few weeks and months to EYFS and Key Stage 1.

Look out for some of the following which will gain lots of participants!

Cat and Mouse
Tunnel Tag
Noughts and Crosses
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Protect the President
4 Square