22nd December 2017
On Friday 22nd December we went to church for our Christingle Service.
Mrs Bishopp had been into school the day before to help us make our Christingles.
We learnt that
  • the orange represents the world
  • the candle represents Jesus, the Light of the World
  • the red ribbon is the blood and love of Jesus
  • the 4 cocktail sticks with dried fruit and sweets are for the 4 seasons, the fruits of the earth and God's good gifts
There was a lovely atmosphere in church when we lit the candles and say the hymn 'Round Orange, Round Orange' as Mrs Gray and Emily played their violins.
We then looked closely at the word 'Christmas' and found some words within the letters:

Cram – at Christmas time there is such a lot to do and we try to cram a lot into the time we have – we need to keep reminding ourselves about the true meaning of Christmas

Charm – there are such a lot of cosy, family traditions linked to this time of year – it is lovely to spend time with family.

Smart – at Christmas we might get new clothes to wear and it is a time for dressing up and going to Christmas parties.

Crash – Christmas is also a time when we can take time to relax and sit still for a while – to recharge our batteries.

Hits – a time for listening to see who is the Christmas number 1 and listening to our favourite Christmas songs.

Trim – or trimmings – decorating our houses and all the extras that make the Christmas meal so delicious.

Charts – not the Christmas song that makes it to number 1 but the charts that were studied by the 3 Kings who travel from the east to find Baby Jesus in the stable.

Star – the star that led the kings to Bethlehem.

Him – the real meaning of Christmas – baby Jesus, lying in a manger.


Emily and Mrs Gray also played as we left church.
Through the collection we have donated an amazing £187.21 for the Children's Society.