Alnwick Garden Commemorates WWI

3rd October 2018

Making Poppies for Alnwick Gardens by India Class

On Wednesday 2nd October Toni and Nicola came to help us make poppies for a display at the Alnwick Gardens for Poppy day. They have asked lots of children to make a poppy to remember it is 100 years from the Great War. It is important to remember soldiers who were killed or hurt in wars.

First we drew round the petal shapes. Next we cut out four red petals and a black circle for the middle. Then we stapled them all together in a sort of cup shape.   Finally we stapled the black circle in the middle of it. It was quite hard to cut out the red foam petals and then staple them together in a cup shape. We needed more than two hands so we helped each other.

Toni told us that the poppy leaf is always put near the top of the poppy where 11 o’clock is on a clock face because the war ended at 11 o’clock, on the 11th of November which is the 11th month of the year.

You can see the poppies in the windows by the cascade at The Gardens in November.