E-Safety - Staying Safe with ICT

E-Safety - Staying Safe with ICT

Advice for parents

At school we really take e-safety seriously.  We want to keep children safe both in and outside school.

As children use the internet more and more it is becoming increasingly important to ensure that they know how to stay safe from its potential dangers.

Just like when we cross a road, we know that this can be dangerous, but we don't stop the children doing it; we teach them how to do it safely.

E-Safety is an integral part of our ICT curriculum and is addressed during most ICT lessons as well as during specific E-Safety lessons.

Parents can find out more about E-Safety and use a range of online resources to support children in using the internet safely. 

What can parents do?

  • Get involved with your children online and encourage balanced use – set time limits
  • Make sure they know who to talk to if they feel uncomfortable
  • Talk about the consequences of giving out personal information or making information public
  • Keep the computer in a family room
  • Agree rules as a family – meeting up

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