Homework and Spellings

Dear Parents and Carers,
Here are our expectations for your child's homework. We appreciate families have busy lives and the children enjoy after school activities so we have kept the homework focused so we target the important areas of reading, spellings and times tables.
Reading Homework
Research has shown that reading 3 times a week during a child's primary education has a positive impact of their reading skills in high school, enabling them to perform better at GCSE level. Your child will bring home a yellow Reading Diary on a Monday and please write in when you have listened to them read. You can choose with your child what the story or book will be and it's great to include a mix of fiction, non fiction, poetry and even comic/picture books. Anything that engages and interests your child! Please can your child bring in their Reading Records on a MONDAY and I can check their reading and change books if necessary. Thank you.
Maths Homework
Please can your child log on to Times Tables Rock Stars 3 times a week and practise their tables. If your child is struggling to log on, please let us know and we can remind them of their log in details. Particularly in Year 4, we will be focusing on learning our tables, and then becoming fluent as the children will sit a Multiplication Tables Check in the summer term. As well as Times Tables Rock Stars, the children are welcome to go on timestables.co.uk which has different quick games on their to help them learn a new times table. 
I have added which times table each year group will be focusing on at the bottom of the spellings sheet. This is in response to TTRS adapting their workbooks which we use in school. We will spend a little longer learning a times table before moving on to the next one. 
Spelling Homework
Your child will have a yellow Homework Book in which they can practise their spellings 3 times a week. Stuck in the front of the book is a page listing different ways for your child to learn them. It's important they know what the words mean, as well as being able to spell them so please help them to put the words in context. Writing them in a sentence is a good way to do this.
The children will complete a spelling test every Friday in school.
Please can your child bring in their Homework Books in on a FRIDAY and I can check their spellings. Your child will bring it home on a Monday.
The following website allows you to enter in the weekly spellings and turns it into a wordsearch. There are other puzzles on the website too which may be of some use.