COVID19 Catch Up Funding

Covid-19 Catch Up Funding

For the school year 2020/21 the school anticipates receiving £8,000 of Covid Catch-Up Funding.
This is being spent in the following ways:
£2,000 - additional Teaching Assistant hours to support small group intervention groups across the school.
£1,000 - additional ELSA time to support the emotional needs of the children.
£2,000 - additional support for children with behavioural issues having returned to school after lockdown
Additional spending will take place once staff have taken time to assess the needs of the children.
*Note that should the school suffer significant shortages in staff numbers due to Covid, this money may be spent on ensuring class bubbles are maintained across the school day, and help provide continuity of learning for all children.
The impact will be measured by assessments (RWInc, Sandwell, staff knowledge of the children) throughout the year, and/or the number of days where bubbles have to be combined due to staff unavailability.