Clarty Commandos

St. Patrick's Class went on an educational visit to Clarty Commandos.  When we arrived we put our things in the camp and listened to the safety rules.
Our first challenge was to complete the obstacle course.  We had to go around in our teams and we weren't allowed to leave anyone behind.
Our next challenge was to complete the obstacle course for a 2nd time in our teams but with an added extra.  We either had to take a bucket of water around the course without spilling any or a "person / casualty."  In order to succeed, we had to work together as a team.  
After those challenges, we had worked up an appetite so it was time for a well earned rest and a bit of lunch.
After lunch, we learnt how to safely use the tools we would need to help us build our own fires, 
Our final challenge of the day was to build our own fires.  We were so proud of ourselves when we managed to get it to light the old fashioned way ... with no matches in sight!