Botswana Class Worship Autumn 2019

In our Class Worship we shared lots of facts about this amazing country and then we told the story of the baobab tree. Baobab trees are bottle shaped and look like their roots are in the air. People made up stories to explain why it looks like its roots are in the air. 

A long time ago when the world was still young earth gods made a talking tree. They called it the baobab tree. It talked a LOT! It also moaned a LOT!  I don’t like this soil. It’s too hot! I’m thirsty! The gods made fruit and flowers grow around the tree. It’s not fair I want fruit and pretty flowers,’ complained the baobab tree. ‘Stop!’ shouted the earth gods. Suddenly they turned the baobab tree upside down. The baobab’s head was in the ground so it couldn’t talk at all. ‘Peace at last!’ said the earth gods.

Since that time no one has ever heard the baobab tree speak again.