19.04.24 The Bad Seed


This week our ‘Super Six’ story was ‘Sam Plants a Sunflower’ by Axel Scheffler. Sam loves big, yellow sunflowers, so when his friends Worm and Ladybird suggest he grows his own, he soon plants some seeds in his garden. Join Sam as he watches them grow, with fun flaps to lift to see what's happening underground and a big sunflower pop-up surprise.

Our ‘Drawing Club’ focus was the story ‘The Bad Seed’ by Jory John. He has a bad temper, bad manners, and a bad attitude. He’s been bad since he can remember! This seed cuts in line every time, stares at everybody and never listens. But what happens when one mischievous little seed changes his mind about himself, and decides that he wants to be—happy?

This week our rainbow challenges have been:

Maths – add the 2 different amounts together to find the total using a 10s frame

Fine motor – cut and stick the life cycle of a seed in order

Literacy – write a shopping list of items from the garden centre
Funky fingers – count the flowers and match them to the number pot
Creative – use the cue tips to decorate a sunflower
Phonics – cut and stick the sounds to make words to match the pictures
ICT – Match the ladybird spots
Ladybird Spots - Counting, Matching and Ordering game (topmarks.co.uk)

In maths this week Reception have been continuing to use 10’s frames to support them when they have been adding 2 single digit numbers. They have also had a go at writing numerals to represent the different calculations. This is something that we will be focusing on during Ten Town too on a weekly basis as we begin the transition into Year 1. We have also looked at the difference between the + and – signs and how + means the total will be bigger and when using – the total will be smaller. We have been doing a range of these calculations practically and will be moving onto recording these in the next couple of weeks.

Nursery have based their learning around sequencing and have been talking about the days of the week and putting the into order. We have also been talking about the order of nursery rhymes and their daily routine.  

This weeks nursery rhyme has been ‘Humpty Dumpty’ which can be found at the following link; https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/school-radio/nursery-rhymes-humpty-dumpty-sat-on-the-wall/zhn7kmn

In Read Write Inc phonics this week Reception have continued to work in our 2 separate groups with Mrs Whaley and Miss Campbell. The focus has been practicing reading a combination a real and alien words using sounds and special friend sounds they have learnt during the past few weeks. The children have been using these sounds during ‘Drawing Cub’ when writing simple sentences to answer the focus questions based around the story  we have been reading this week and extending their ideas where they can. The children are really eager to write all their different ideas and are making great progress with their writing using the skills they are developing in their phonics sessions.  

Nursery have started Read Write Inc this week in preparation for September. Each day this week the children have looked at a different sound (masdt) and explored different objects which start with the same initial sound. Each sound has had a different story to listen to and everyone has had a go at mark making to write the sounds using the different rhymes. These can be sound at https://www.tetney.lincs.sch.uk/_documents/%5B536133%5DRWInc_Letters_and_Rhymes.pdf The children in Nursery will only be focusing on single Set 1 sounds and this is something that will be revisited in September once the children are grouped depending on their ability as Read Write Inc aims to support children to learnt o read as quickly as possible once they are ready.

On Monday Reception started their new block of RE work based around ‘The Creation Story’. We looked through a powerpoint which showed us the different things God created on the different days and then worked together to put them in order and add our own captions to describe what happened.  

This week we have started our new topic of ‘Growth and Change’ linked to the season of Spring. Everyone planted a sunflower seed in soil and we are excited to water them and see them grow over the next few weeks. We hope non of the seeds are like the ‘Bad Seed’ from the story this week as he was very mischievous!

On Tuesday we worked with Tom Vickers our cricket coach and had a great time working together to catch the tennis balls and have a go at batting and fielding. Nursery and Reception worked in mixed teams to collect as many points as they could and worked together the get the ball back to Tom as quickly as possible.

Next week our ‘Super Six’ book is ‘The Snail and the Whale’ by Julia Donaldson and our ‘Drawing Club’ story is the traditional tale ‘The Princess and the Pea’.