17.03.23 The Zoo Vet


This week our ‘Super Six’ focus story was ‘The Zoo Vet’ which is a TWINKL book. This story introduced us to lots of different animals we might find at the zoo and how the vet made them better from their various illnesses.    

Our ‘Drawing Club’ focus story has been an animation of the classic TV series ‘Mr Benn’. We dived into his world of imagination and went on a zoo adventure with him as he dressed up as a zoo keeper when he came out of the door. We have had great fun talking about what we would like to dress up as if we were to visit the dressing up shop. Our new vocabulary words have been; capture, habitat, protect and shelter.  

This week our rainbow challenges have been:

Literacy – draw an animal and write a sentence to describe it

Maths – safari addition using double sided counters and tens frames

Fine motor – sort and order the animals from the shortest to the tallest

Funky fingers – cut out the animals and stick them next to their home

Number – create your own zoo picture using the different images   

Phonics – read and colour phonics search  

ICT – look at the price for each item and count out the matching number of 1p coins  

In NUFC this week we practiced dribbling using different sized footballs. This took looks of concentration and concentration but we persevered and in the end were really good at weaving in between the cones.

In ‘Drawing Club’ this week we have continued to think about the structure of a sentence and using a capital letter to start our writing. We have used the visual prompts around the room to help and also used the word working wall which has a lot of high frequency words to find and copy rather than using phonics all the time.

In Maths this week Reception have continued to explore the numbers 9 and 10. We have looked at number ladders with missing numbers and filled in the spaces. We have been trying to look at the number before to work out what comes next rather than starting from 1 each time. This is tricky but something we will continue to work on.

On Tuesday we had a special visit from Miss Dodds and her guinea pigs Cookie and Cream. We were very careful when we were holding and stroking them and were even able to give them a little pamper and could brush them using the special guinea pig brush. We had to stay quiet as they would get frightened if we made too much noise. During the afternoon the whole school came together to celebrate ‘Science Week’ and share our learning. We each chose different items from our vets role play area to take into the hall to show some of the different things you might see if you visited a vets surgery. Everyone spoke loudly and clearly in front of a big audience and we were really proud of everyone.

On Friday it was ‘Sports Relief’ so we dressed up in our sports kits and completed 30 mins of different circuits in the hall. We also had some relaxation time and built Lego as part of the mindfulness focus of the event this year.

We had a very important visitor into school on Friday too; a lamb from Lowsteads Farm. Farmer Ian brought us a lamb to see and we were able to stroke it and some of us even fed it using a bottle. We were very careful and washed our hands before and after the visit and remained calm throughout the visit so the lamb didn’t get scared. We are looking forward to the weather picking up over the next few weeks so we can go for a spring walk down the lane to the farm to see even more lambs in the fields and also spot some other signs of spring.

Next week our ‘Super Six’ story is ‘Wake up time on Bumble Farm’ which is a another TWINKL story. We are also going to have a new farmyard role play area as we continue our topic on animals and begin to learn about the farm. Our ‘Drawing Club’ book next week is ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell.