13.01.23 The Great Race


Happy New Year to you all!!

This week our focus story was ‘The Great Race’ which is based on the Chinese folk tale which is linked to Chinese New Year. We have been using different animals masks from the story to retell the story and order the animals to show who came 1st, 2nd etc and talking about this year’s animal which is the year of the rabbit.  

Our role play area is now a Chinese restaurant and take away and we have been very busy taking orders from customers using pencils and note pads and also talking about our own experiences and different types of Chinese foods we have already tried.

This week our rainbow challenges have been:

Literacy – retell the story of The Great Race using the animal masks

Maths – match the Chinese numbered lanterns to the right number of dots   

Fine motor – cut Chinese strips to make a paper chain to decorate the Chinese restaurant role play

Funky fingers – fold the paper and cut lines to make the start of a Chinese lantern

Creative – use the yellow, red and gold materials to decorate a Chinese lantern picture

Phonics – read the CVC words and find the matching picture

ICT – complete the number sequence on the Chinese dragon

This week we have welcomed two new nursery starters into St George class. We have been thinking about our classroom rules and helping them to get into a routine which they have picked up really well.

This week the nursery children have started a mini topic of ‘people who help us’ in their TWINKL phonics and have been learning a new song and trying to listen carefully to initial sounds within words. In maths the children have been recognising the numbers 1,2 and 3 in different contexts as well as subitising these amounts – knowing that these amounts (e.g. dots, collection of objects, pictures) are 1,2 and 3 without counting them. This has been quite tricky so this is something we are going to continue to work on.

Reception have been working in their new Read Write Inc phonics groups. A sticker has been put into the reading records which summarises the focus the different groups are working on so that they gain confidence to be able to move groups next time they are assessed by Mrs Foy which will be at the beginning of Spring 2. As a whole group we have been playing games with the red words as these are still important to be able to recognise and spell. We have loved playing the fishing game, picking up a red word and reading it and to see how many we can get right! We also have been playing a green word game called ‘its nothing new’ which encourages the children to instantly read the word on the flashcard without the need for sounding out. This is something we will keep practicing as this is so important to continue to make progress on the phonics scheme.

On Wednesday we started our new music topic with Mrs Parker. We listened to a song and had to think about the way it made us feel and to try and identify any instruments we could hear. We also used our bodies to tap the beat, tapping our knees, clapping and also jumping.

Next week St George Class will be learning all about Chinese New Year as we approach the 22nd January. We will be finding out how Chinese children prepare for this special time of the year and how they celebrate. We will also be trying some Chinese food and listening to some Chinese music. Our story next week is The Magic Paintbrush by Julia Donaldson which is based on the Chinese traditional story however this version is a rhyming book.