03.02.23 Tyrannosarus Drip


This week our ‘Super Six’ focus story was ‘Tyrannosaurs Drip’ by Julia Donaldson.  This is a rhyming book so we have had great fun joining in with the repeated phrases throughout the story.  

Our ‘Drawing Club’ focus book has been ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. We have enjoyed revisiting focus vocabulary from previous weeks and have remembered lots of the actions. Some of the children have been using these words around the classroom and within their writing which is great to see and hear them being used in the right contexts.  

This week our rainbow challenges have been:

Literacy – to think of and write a fact about a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Maths – complete the Numicon challenge – which 2 numbers make 5?

Fine motor – count out the correct number of dinosaur eggs to match using the tweezers

Funky fingers – attach the right number of small pegs to the dinosaurs

Creative – make a split pin dinosaur

Phonics – read the words and colour in the ‘real’ words green

ICT – Robot Addition – use the 10’s frames to find the total altogether

We have continued our dinosaur theme this week and have been talking about the different types of dinosaurs and how they all had different features and why these were important to them. We looked at the different conditions the different types of dinosaurs lived in. We also talked about our favourite dinosaurs and why they were our favourite.

This week we have visited all the different characters from ‘Ten Town’ as part of our maths work and have been practicing our number formation using the different rhymes. We have also been exploring weight and capacity and have had great fun investigating different containers and jugs in the water area, using the vocabulary full, empty and half full.

In phonics this week Reception have continued to work in their different groups and we have been playing different games to recognise and read words as quickly as possible to sound out as much. This is something we are getting really good at which will help us move to the next phonics groups next term.

Nursery have been talking about the number 4 this week and collecting different objects to match the different amounts. We have enjoyed listening to ‘Pete the Cat’ story who has 4 different buttons and we have enjoyed talking about how we could sort them based on size, colour and pattern.

On Tuesday we were very lucky as we had a visit from Kielder Observatory and the brought their planetarium with them. The Reception children went inside and looked up to the sky and could see lots of stars in different constellations. We had a close look at the planets Mars and Jupiter and explored huge craters on the moon. It really felt like we were in space!

Next week our super six story is going to be ‘Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freedman. Some of the children have already said that they have read this story before and are excited to read it again and are looking forward to designing our own underpants!!