Y6 Bikability Training

In June some of the Y6 children took part in Bikability training.
During the Level 1 course they developed their skills to ride their bike with excellent control which would prepare them to cycle on the road.
At Level 1 the children were able to:
  • prepare themselves and their bike for cycling
  • get on and off their bike without help
  • start off, pedal and stop with control
  • pedal along, use gears and change direction to avoid objects
  • look around and behind, and control the bike with one hand
  • share space with pedestrians and other cyclists
At Level 2 they were taught to cycle on single-lane roads and use junctions.
At Level 2 the children were able to:
  • prepare for on-road cycling
  • start and finish an on-road journey
  • recognise typical hazards
  • let others know what you are about to do
  • know where to ride on the road
  • pass parked vehicles and side roads
  • turn into and out of side roads
  • understand the Highway Code
  • use cycle facilities, crossroads and roundabouts