Show Racism the Red Card

Last half term China class had a visit from an organisation called Show Racism the Red Card. They visit schools and organisations helping people to become more tolerant and understand the position of others in society.

We started with a sports session with former Newcastle United and Republic of Ireland player and radio commentator John Anderson. We worked on speed, agility and team work and he really tested our fitness and thinking skills!

In the afternoon session we thought about world views and what shapes our opinions and made us think about if we should always believe what we read about people. We looked at the idea of ‘judging a book by its cover’ and the meaning of stereo types. Through the session we didn’t always agree with each other and asked lots of questions about ourselves and the ideas and opinions of others.

We thought about difficult choices people today and throughout history have had to make to keep themselves safe and give their families a future and how we would feel if it was us and our families. It was a really thought provoking day and made us think about how we treat people and how we would like to be treated ourselves. We all felt that we would not like to be judged by the way we look, where we come from, the colour of our skin, our beliefs or anything that makes us who we are.  We followed it up with activities in the classroom and learnt about the holocaust during WW2.