Our Reverse Advent Calendar

In RE, Botswana Class has been thinking about giving and receiving gifts.
The children said that when they are given a gift they feel pleased, happy, excited and loved.
Rosalyn said that when she gives a gift to her sister she feels proud because she will have chosen a present her sister will have really wanted.
The children then thought about gifts that can't be seen like love, kindness and friendship.
Next the children found out about Bishop Nicholas, who became Saint Nicholas and how he was kind and thoughtful and gave gifts to the poor.
The children thought about the generous gift God gave us in his son Jesus at Christmas. They thought about how Christians remember this and try to give generously to others.
The children learnt that some people might give money to charity like Crisis at Christmas so homeless people can have a Christmas dinner. Other people might fill a shoe box for refugee children.
Some people make a Reverse Advent Calendar and give a gift of food each day and at the end of Advent the food is collected and taken to Foodbanks and given to people who for different reasons do not have enough food to eat at Christmas.
In Botswana Class the children decided to make a Reverse Advent Calendar. As well as opening their Advent Calendar each day the children are also putting a tin or a packet of food in the Reverse Advent Calendar which will go to the Alnwick Foodbank and the food will go to help families who do not have as much as us.