Class Worship 14th March 2018

Botswana Class (Year 1 and 2) led the school in a Class Worship. The children have been learning about the Jewish Festival of Passover and wanted to share their knowledge with the school.

The children began by acting out the story of Moses and the Plagues.  From showing the gnats and flies to the plague of frogs the children acted and spoke confidently. They then explained why the festival is called Passover as the angel of death had passed over the Israelites homes.

The class then explained about the food that the Jewish people eat during Passover. With a large Seder Plate the children explained what each of the foods represented including the Matzo for the unleavened bread that the fleeing Israelites made as they didn’t have enough time for it to rise.

The children had learnt the hymn ‘Shalom’ which they sang, beautifully, as a class. They explained to the parents and children that Shalom means ‘peace’.

The message that Botswana Class were giving was a hope for freedom for all. It was also that, even though it doesn’t always feel like it, Spring will soon be with us.