Child Safety Workshops

Children in Year 5 attended a child safety workshop, at RAF Boulmer, held by multi agencies to coincide with Child Safety Week.

The children were given talks and demonstrations by the emergency services. The ambulance service let the children look inside the ambulance and equipment uses were discussed. They were also told how to call an ambulance and when this would be appropriate.

The fire service discussed what jobs they do. They also talked to the children about safe escape routes and how to prevent house fires. The children were allowed to go in the fire engine and try on protective clothing.

The coastguard discussed how to stay safe at the beach and what to do if they got into difficulties. The children looked at the equipment they use and their protective clothing.

The police talked to the children about how to identify suspects and what sort of information to recall and how to take information about vehicles. They also had the opportunities to try on handcuffs and sit in the back of the van.

E Safety

Cadets talked to the children about how to stay safe on social media. They looked at how too much information on line makes you identifiable and vulnerable. They also demonstrated to the children how easy it is for people to altar and manipulate images and how this can make them seem older than they are, but can also make it difficult for them to truly see what their online friends actually looks like. They talked about settings and how to make sure you stay private on different sites.

Judith Davies went through sites such as You Tube and how putting in false information and playing games that are unsuitable can make you computer link you to other unsuitable sites that are not age appropriate. She talked about cookies and location finders. She discussed settings and also how to keep your own behaviour appropriate by the language you use and how you respond to people and how to report or block behaviour that makes you uncomfortable.